Child’s initial consultation (Under 18s)


Every parent and carer will have experienced times when children seem to go down with one thing after another – a cold that develops into a lingering chesty cough, a gastrointestinal infection, earache, a rash, loss of appetite, a sore throat – the list goes on. While we acknowledge the important role of modern medicine and drugs including antibiotics, these have their drawbacks and your G.P may not be willing to use them. Or, your child may have a health problem and it’s not getter better despite conventional medicine. Fortunately, a more natural, gentle and supportive approach using herbal medicine is available and may be more effective in bringing quick, natural relief while supporting long term health.

A consultation with a qualified medical herbalist can be of great help in understanding the cause of the problem and formulating a treatment plan including effective, safe, medicinal grade herbal products. These can help with acute problems such a cough, cold or skin rash, and with more chronic conditions like asthma or constipation. Herbs prescribed by a qualified practitioner will be selected for compatibility with any essential routine medication, so if your child needs an inhaler, and comes to see me with earache or a tummy upset, I will ensure that the herbs are safe to take alongside the inhaler.
Of course if your child is very unwell and you are concerned you should not delay in seeking medical help. Your medical herbalist is trained to know when to refer a child to the NHS.

Herbal medicine can be given in a form that is easy for children to take. I can prepare syrups, or powders that can be added to a smoothie. Tinctures can be disguised in a home-made fruit ice lolly. For babies, a herbal infusion added to the bath water is a lovely way to allow healing herbs into the body.

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