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Honest answers to your herbal medicine questions

Are you looking for a natural way to improve your health? You might enjoy reasonably good health, yet feel you have lost your spark, have low energy or low mood and just want to get your mojo back again!

If this sounds like the sort of natural therapy you have been looking for, the next step is for us to have a chat. It’s important that you choose a therapist that you like and trust, someone who will give honest answers to your questions. So, the next step is to arrange a free discovery call with me.

You may be struggling with a health condition and it’s not getting better, despite taking conventional medication. Perhaps you are in a period of life changes, whether that’s puberty, perimenopause, menopause, or taking on extra responsibilities caring for family, and you could do with some natural support. Maybe you’ve developed digestive problems or are troubled by allergies. You’ve probably heard of herbal medicine but are unsure how it works or what to expect.

Herbal medicine is the use or application of plant based medicinal extracts. These are made from natural leaves, flowers, fruits and roots, taken in the form of an infusion or a tincture, or applied to the skin in a cream. The plants are known to have medicinal properties; they have been tried and tested as medicine for thousands of years and in many cases have been scientifically proven to work effectively. When prescribed by a Medical Herbalist, the natural herbal medicines will be carefully chosen and checked to ensure compatability with any other medicine you might need to take. Your herbal medicine will be 100% natural, plant based and sourced sustainably. My herbal dispensary includes medicines that I have made from plants that I have grown or gathered, also medicines from trusted suppliers with good sustainablilty practices.

As a qualified Medical Herbalist I am trained to take your case history, take blood pressure and carry out diagnostic examination (with your permission) in the same way as a G.P.. Your safety is paramount and I can refer you back to the N.H.S. for further checks if I consider that is the best course of action. I work holistically, which means I may suggest some changes to your diet, some exercise or other activity. These are always with your agreement, taking into consideration your situation and ability.

Your first consultation with me will take about an hour, so that we can look in detail at your current health, your diet, lifestyle and health aspirations. I will interpret any blood or other diagnostic test results for you and can order further tests through Genova or Regenerus laboratories should you wish. I will produce a treatment plan for you and a herbal prescription (herbal medicine is charged separately). Thereafter we would probably arrange a follow up appointment one month later to assess your progress and decide on the length of your treatment.