Initial Consultation


60 to 75 minutes.

Here is what to expect when we meet for an in-depth consultation. We will spend a full hour to delve deep into your health issues. I’m interested in all your symptoms but especially in those that are your priority for improvement. We’ll try to come up with a ‘timeline’ of your health history and other factors to understand the root cause – because that’s what we want to work on.


Please bring a list of all your current medication and supplements. We’ll also talk about what you eat day to day, and any food that you may be allergic or intolerant to. If you have any recent diagnostic test results e.g blood tests, I would like to see a copy.

Medical herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic techniques as a G.P. so I may take you blood pressure and pulse, or look at your eyes, ears and tongue. With your permission and if required I may carry out a physical examination.

After the consultation I will consider all the information about your health and come up with a working diagnosis – my assessment of the cause of your symptoms. I will do any necessary research and produce a treatment plan specifically for you. I work holistically and will suggest a treatment plan to include herbal medicine, diet, exercise, and lifestyle. You remain in control of your treatment plan and can choose which elements you wish to adopt based on your health aspirations, time and circumstances.

Most patients will be prescribed herbal medicine; this is made from plants. It’s 100% natural and has been tried and tested, proven to be effective by traditional use and modern scientific trials. The medicines in my dispensary are either made by me from plants that I grow or forage or obtained from trusted suppliers with good sustainability practices. The medicine that I prescribe for you will be specific and bespoke, with herbs chosen for your health presentation and needs. I may also recommend supplements. There is an additional cost for medicines and supplements. Tinctures are typically £10 for a week’s supply while dried herbs cost around £3-4 per week. Bespoke herbal creams cost £9 for 30g.


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